Hubbard-Sumner Wedding

Abingdon, VA

Riddle-Bates Wedding

Augusta, GA

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Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015
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"BEST OF 2015"

Danielson-Mullins Reception

Knoxville, TN

Pere-Patterson Wedding

Cleveland, GA

Martin-Small Wedding

​Lynchburg, SC

Trotter Wedding

Anderson, SC

Walton/Sewell Wedding- Salem Glen CC -

Clemmons, NC

WandaWerks Entertainment is an award winning mobile DJ and Karaoke company serving North and South Carolina and the Southeast.  We provide optimum entertainment for all occasions specializing in:

  • Wedding Ceremonies & Receptions
  • Dances
  • Nightclub & Lounge Karaoke
  • Parties of all kinds
  • Proms
  • Corporate Events

Our Karaoke is a state of the art operation and includes a selection of over 110,000 songs to choose from!

We offer dance floor lighting for every event at no extra charge!

Adair Wedding

Lynchburg, SC

Musselwhite/Coker Wedding

Lake Lure, NC

Thumbtack Pro Spotlight, WandaWerks Entertainment Mobile DJ

Sohm Wedding

Hopkins, SC

Childress-Roy Wedding

Hendersonville, NC

Carter-Floyd Wedding

Columbia, SC

Ferguson/Paris Wedding - 2014

Paris Farm

Hendersonville, NC

Payton Wedding - Lake Lure, NC

WandaWerks Entertainment Mobile DJ & Karaoke Service

Upcoming Events

Jamison Wedding

Florence, SC

Lunn-Best Wedding

Newberry, SC

Haley & Stephen Siegel


Knoxville, TN

Olivera/ Burnette Wedding

Rolling Hills Farms

Monroe, NC

Hawkins-Taylor Wedding

Baileyton, TN

Inosencio Wedding

Pretty Place,

Cleveland, SC



Rock Hill, SC

218 Brookwood Drive, Greer, South Carolina 29651

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Benson/Hill Wedding - 2013

Jeter Mountain Farms

Henderson Co, NC



2014 Events

Jan 3rd - H,ville American Legion

Jan 7th - The House - Karaoke

Jan 14th - The House - Karaoke

Jan 17th - H,ville American Legion

Jan 18th - H,ville American Legion

Jan 25th - Hendersonville Elks Lodge

Jan 31st - H,ville American Legion

Feb 7th - H,ville American Legion

Feb 14th - The Goddard School

Feb 21st - KB Bayou - Karaoke

Feb 22nd - KB Bayou - Karaoke

Feb 28th - Cypress Cellar - Karaoke

Mar 1st - Cypress Cellar - Karaoke

Mar 7th - H,ville American Legion

Mar 8th - Laughter Wedding DJ

Mar 22nd-Hendersonville Elks Lodge

Apr 4th - H,ville American Legion

Apr 19th - Meldrum Wedding DJ

Apr 24th - Peachbowl Karaoke

Apr 25th - Cypress Cellar Karaoke

Apr 26th - Hendersonville Elks Lodge

May 2nd - H,ville American Legion

May 3rd - Gosnell Party

May 10th - Hagans Wedding DJ

May 17th - Jacobs Wedding DJ

May 30th - H,ville American Legion

May 31st - Greer Country Club Party

Jun 6th - H,ville American Legion

Jun 7th - Corn Wedding DJ

Jun 21st - Anders Reception

Jul 4th - H,ville American Legion

Jul 20th - Le Wedding DJ

July 25th - H,ville American Legion

July 26th - Donnelly Wedding DJ

Aug 1st - H,ville American Legion

Aug 9th - Friedmann Wedding DJ

Aug 16th - Ingrams Wedding DJ

Aug 22nd - H,ville American Legion

Aug 23rd - Chasteen Wedding DJ

Aug 30th - Witt Wedding DJ

Sept 5th - H,ville American Legion

Sept 6th - Paris Wedding DJ

Sept 10th - Palmer Wedding DJ

Sept 13th - Jones Wedding DJ

Sept 20th - Gordon Wedding DJ

Sept 26th - Bunc St Father/Daughter

Sept 27th - Alexander Wedding DJ

Sept 28th - Watson Wedding DJ

Oct 3rd - H,ville American Legion

Oct 4th - Lukas Wedding DJ

Oct 11th - Renwick Wedding DJ

Oct 12th - Derocco Wedding DJ

Oct 18th - WHHS Reunion

Oct 19th - McCarthy Wedding DJ

Oct 31st - H,ville American Legion

Nov 1st - Henson Wedding DJ

Nov 7th - H,ville American Legion

Nov 8th - Spisak Wedding DJ

Nov 15 -  Westmoreland Wedding DJ

Nov 28th - H,ville American Legion

Dec 5th - H,ville American Legion

Dec 6th - And. Brass Holiday Party

Dec 12th - VA Holiday Party

Dec 19th - Rung Holiday Party

Dec 27th - Sewell Wedding DJ

Dec 31st -NYE @ Parkway Grill & Bar

                2015 Events

Jan 2nd - H,ville American Legion

Jan 10th - Gonzales Wedding DJ

Jan 16th - H,ville American Legion

Jan 24th - Campbell Wedding DJ

Feb 6th - H,ville American Legion

Feb 7th - Diaz Reception DJ

Feb 13th - Goddard Val. Day Dance

Feb 27th - H,ville American Legion

Feb 28th - H,ville American Legion

Mar 6th - H,ville American Legion

Mar 21st - Thompson Reception DJ

Mar 27th - Parkway Grill Karaoke

Mar 28th - Nuss Wedding DJ

Apr 3rd - H,ville American Legion

Apr 10th - Parkway Grill Karaoke

Apr 11th - Pinkerton Wedding DJ

Apr 17th - Parkway Grill Karaoke

Apr 24th - Parkway Grill Karaoke

Apr 25th - Acton Wedding DJ

May 1st - H,ville American Legion

May 2nd - Blanton Wedding DJ

May 8th - Sweet 16 Party

May 9th - Jackman Wedding DJ

May 16th - Brandenburg Wedding DJ

May 22nd - H,ville American Legion

May 23rd - Hurst Wedding DJ

May 30th - Crevan Wedding DJ

Jun 5th - H,ville American Legion

Jun 6th - Renwick Wedding DJ

Jun 7th - Duncan Wedding DJ

Jun 13th - Jent Wedding  DJ

Jun 20th - Reed Wedding DJ

Jun 27th - Champion Wedding DJ

July 3rd - H,ville American Legion

July 4th - Kent Wedding DJ

July 12th - Carpenter Wedding DJ

July 18th - Garibay Wedding DJ

July 23rd - Ryan Wedding DJ

July 24th - H,ville American Legion

July 25th Abernathy Wedding DJ

July 30th - Torres Wedding DJ

July 31st - H,ville American Legion

Aug 1st - Gray Wedding DJ

Aug 2nd - Musselwhite Wedding DJ

Aug 8th - Soelh Wedding DJ

Aug 15th - Bacon Birthday Party

Aug 21st - Presby College Karaoke

Aug 28th - H,ville American Legion

Aug 29th - Jacks Sweet 16

Sept 4th - Davis Wedding DJ

Sept 5th - Goins Wedding DJ

Sept 11th - Williams Birthday Party

Sept 19th - Fuller Wedding DJ

Oct 2nd - Kolstad Wedding DJ

Oct 3rd - McCoy Wedding DJ

Oct 9th - Kern Wedding DJ

Oct 10th - Chamberlain Wedding DJ

Oct 11th - Lopez Weddng DJ

Oct 17th - Simpson Wedding DJ

Oct 18th - Hindley Wedding DJ

Oct 24th - Black Wedding DJ

Oct 29th - Wright Wedding DJ

Oct 30th - Stefanick Wedding DJ

Oct 31st - Ambrose Wedding DJ

Nov 6th - H,ville American Legion

Nov 7th - Manfredi Wedding DJ

Nov 8th - Olivera Wedding DJ

Nov 27th - H,ville American Legion

Dec 4th - H,ville American Legion

Dec 5th - Anderson Brass Christmas

Dec 11th - VA Employee Christmas

Dec 12th - ProAxis Christmas 

                2016 Events

Jan 2nd - Smith Wedding

Jan 15th - American Legion Karaoke

Jan 22nd - American Legion Karaoke

Jan 24th - Howard Wedding

Feb 5th - American Legion Karaoke

Feb 12th - Goddard School Dance

Feb 19th - Abiding Peace Dance

Feb 21st - Sheridan Wedding

Feb 26th - American Legion Karaoke

Mar 13th - Hatzel Wedding

Mar 25th - American Legion Karaoke

Mar 26th - West Wedding

Apr 1st - American Legion Karaoke

Apr 2nd - Bolin Wedding

April 8th - Adair Wedding

Apr 9th - Doster Wedding

Apr 16th - Nash Wedding

Apr 22nd - American Legion Karaoke

Apr 23rd - Ames Wedding

Apr 30th - Coppola Wedding

May 6th - American Legion Karaoke

May 7th - Norman Wedding

May 14th  - Hawkins Wedding

May 21st - Sohm Wedding

May 27th - Hamilton Wedding

May 28th - Brinson Party

Jun 3rd - American Legion Karaoke

Jun 4th - Trotter Wedding

Jun 11th - Rushing Wedding

Jun 12th - Lechner Wedding

Jun 17th - Ross Karaoke Party

Jun 18th - Thompson Wedding

Jun 21st - GLT Karaoke Party

Jun 24th - American Legion Karaoke

Jun 25th - Dunagan Wedding

Jun 26th - Leaphart Wedding

Jul 1st - Vining Wedding

Jul 2nd - Rice Reception

Jul 9th - Coon Dog Day Karaoke

Jul 15th - Schnarr Wedding

Jul 22nd - American Legion Karaoke

July 23rd - Pillay Wedding

July 24th - McRae Wedding

July 30th - Gentile Wedding

Aug 4th - Kids Party Heritage Park

Aug 5th - American Legion Karaoke

Aug 6th - Green Wedding

Aug 13th - Fetter Wedding

Aug 26th - Bennett Wedding

Aug 27th - Woodfin Wedding

Sept 2nd - American Legion Karaoke

Sept 3rd - Gillette Wedding

Sept 4th - Walker Wedding

Sept 16th - Wright Wedding

Sept 17th - Ward Wedding

Sept 23rd - American Legion Karaoke

Sept 24th - Robinson Wedding

Sept 25th - GLT Karaoke Party

Oct 1st  - Knapp Wedding

Oct 7th - American Legion Karaoke

Oct 8th - Fitzpatrick Wedding

Oct 9th - Price Wedding

Oct 14th - Wallace Wedding

Oct 15th - Seigal Wedding

Oct 19th - Lempke Event

Oct 22nd - Brennan Wedding

Oct 28th - American Legion Karaoke

Oct 29th - Wright Wedding

Nov 4th - American Legion Karaoke

Nov 5th  - Lovin Wedding

Nov 12th - Hatcher Wedding

Nov 20th - Butler Wedding

Nov 25th - American Legion Karaoke

Dec 2nd - American Legion Karaoke

Dec 3rd - Atrium Christmas Party

Dec 4th - Fair Wedding

Dec 17th - Leonard Wedding

Dec 23rd - American Legion Karaoke

Dec 31st - Rooks Wedding

             2017 Events

Jan 7th - Hawkins Wedding  
Jan 27th - American Legion Karaoke
Feb 3rd - American Legion Karaoke

Feb 10th - Goddard School
Feb 19th - Grubel Birthday Party
Feb 24th - American Legion Karaoke

Feb 26th - Randolph Wedding
Mar 3rd - American Legion Karaoke
Mar 10th - Urgo Party
Mar 17th - American Legion Karaoke
Mar 24th - American Legion Karaoke
Mar 25th - Long Wedding
Mar 31st - VAEA Spring Fling
Apr 1st - Lunn Wedding
Apr 7th - American Legion Karaoke

Apr 8th - Foody Wedding

Apr 14th - Ebenezer Party

Apr 22nd - Danielson Wedding
Apr 28th - American Legion Karaoke
Apr 29th - Bess Wedding
May 5th - McInteer Wedding
May 6th - Sanchez Wedding
May 7th - Clontz Wedding
May 12th - American Legion Karaoke
May 13th - Day Wedding
May 20th - Soprano Wedding
May 26th - American Legion Karaoke

May 27th - Cox Wedding

May 28th - Eason Wedding
Jun 2nd - American Legion Karaoke
Jun 10th - Pere Wedding

Jun 16th - American Legion Karaoke
Jun 17th - Farnsworth Wedding
Jun 18th - Crook Wedding

Jun 20th - Greenvile Little Theatre
Jun 23rd - American Legion Karaoke

​Jun 24th - Justice Wedding

Jun 30th - American Legion Karaoke

Jul 1st -  Lee Wedding
Jul 7th - American Legion Karaoke

Jul 8th - Evans Wedding
Jul 15th - Childress Wedding

Jul 21st - American Legion Karaoke
Jul 28th - American Legion Karaoke
Aug 4th - American Legion Karaoke

Aug 5th - Hubbard Wedding
Aug 12th - Meadows Wedding

Aug 19th - Hoxit Event @ GLT

Aug 20th - Siegel Reception
Aug 25th - American Legion Karaoke

Aug 26th - Dodge Wedding
Sept 1st - American Legion Karaoke

Sept 6th - Parkway Grill Karaoke

Sept 8th - Parkway Grill Karaoke

Sept 9th - Parkway Grill Karaoke

Sept 15th - American Leion Karaoke
Sept 16th - Evans Wedding
Sept 22nd - American Legion Karaoke
Sept 30th - Kuchler Wedding

Oct 3rd - Williams Wedding
Oct 6th - American Legion Karaoke
Oct 7th -  Ganus Wedding

Oct 13th - American Legion Karaoke

Oct 14th - Vermullen Wedding

Oct 15th - Roberts Wedding

Oct 20th - Morgan Wedding
Oct 21st - Pfister Wedding
Oct 27th - Beatty Wedding
Oct 28th - Miller Wedding

Nov 3rd - American Legion Karaoke

Nov 4th - Carter Wedding

Nov 11th - Martin Wedding
Nov 24th - American Legion Karaoke
Dec 1st - American Legion Karaoke
Dec 8th - HealthSouth Christmas Party

Dec 9th - Erickson Wedding

Dec 14th - On The Rail - Karaoke Night

Dec 15th - Sandy's Christmas Party

Dec 16th - Bates Wedding

Dec 21st - On The Rail - Karaoke Night
Dec 22nd - American Legion Karaoke

Dec 23rd - Smith Birthday Party

Dec 28th - On The Rail - Karaoke Night

Dec 29th - American Legion Karaoke

Dec 31st - On The Rail - New Years

               2018 Events

Jan 4th - On the Rail - Karaoke Night

Jan 5th - American Legion Karaoke

Jan 11th - On the Rail - Karaoke Night

Jan 18th - On the Rail - Karaoke Night

Jan 21st - Greenville Little Theatre

Jan 25th - On the Rail - Karaoke Night

Jan 26th - American Legion Karaoke

Feb 1st - On the Rail - Karaoke Night

Feb 2nd - American Legion Karaoke

Feb 8th - On the Rail - Karaoke Night

Feb 9th  - Goddard School

Feb 15th - On the Rail - Karaoke Night

Feb 17th - Atrium Chinese New Year

Feb 22nd - On the Rail - Karaoke Night

Feb 23rd - American Legion Karaoke

Mar 1st - On The Rail - Karaoke Night

Mar 2nd - American Legion Karaoke

Mar 3rd - Watson Wedding

Mar 8th - On The Rail - Karaoke Night

Mar 15th - On The Rail - Karaoke

Mar 16th - Dyer Wedding

Mar 17th - Dyer Wedding

Mar 22nd -On The Rail - Karaoke Night

Mar 23rd - American Legion Karaoke

Mar 29th - On The Rail - Karaoke

Mar 30th - American Legion Karaoke

Apr 5th - On The Rail - Karaoke Night

Apr 6th - Banks Wedding

Apr 7th - Buice Wedding

Apr 12th - On The Rail - Karaoke Night

Apr 19th - On The Rail - Karaoke Night

Apr 21st - Webber Anniversary Party

Apr 27th - American Legion Karaoke May 4th - American Legion Karaoke

May 5th - Cash Wedding

May 19th - Baker Wedding

May 25th - American Legion Karaoke

May 26th - Heider Wedding

Jun 1st - American Legion Karaoke

Jun 2nd - Szabo Wedding

Jun 8th - Brophy Wedding

Jun 22nd - American Legion Karaoke

Jun 29th - American Legion Karaoke

Jun 30th - Williams Reception

Jul 6th - American Legion Karaoke

Jul 20th - Nicholson Rehearsal Dinner

Jul 21st - Nicholson Wedding

Jul 27th - American Legion Karaoke

Aug 3rd - American Legion Karaoke

Aug 8th - Lawless Wedding

Aug 24th - American Legion Karaoke

Aug 25th - Massey Wedding

Aug 31st - American Legion Karaoke

Sep 1st - Walsh Wedding

Sep 7th - American Legion Karaoke

Sep 8th - Bess/Cunningham Wedding

Sep 15th - Levey Wedding

Sep 28th - American Legion Karaoke

Sep 30th - Scott Wedding

Oct 5th - American Legion Karaoke

Oct 6th - Mabbit Wedding

Oct 20th - O'Shall Wedding

Oct 26th - American Legion Karaoke

Oct 31st - Hollifield Wedding

Nov 2nd - American Legion Karaoke

Nov 3rd - Auton Wedding

Nov 10th - Owens Wedding

Nov 23rd - American Legion Karaoke

Nov 30th - American Legion Karaoke

Dec 7th - American Legion Karaoke

Dec 14th - HealthSouth Holiday event

Dec 15th - Kauth Wedding

​Dec 28th - American Legion Karaoke


2017 Weddings

Honeycutt/Ambrose Wedding

Symmes Chapel

"Pretty Place"

Cleveland, SC

Beatty-Bermea Wedding

Sevierville, TN

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Wedding Dj

Our Wonderful Couples From 2016

Powell Wedding

West Columbia, SC

Gorewitz / Gonzalez Wedding -

Statesville Civic Center -

Statesville, NC

Cudd/Shepherd Wedding - 2010

Radisson Inn - Spartanburg, SC


Our Awards

Rushing Wedding

Brown Mountain Beach Resort

Lenoir, NC

Best of 2016

Our 41st First Dance

of 2015!!

McInteer-McFadyen Wedding

Marston, NC

Foody-Schoffner Wedding

Knoxville, TN

Kuznetsov / Pinkerton

Wedding Reception

Athens, Georgia

Koletar Wedding - Newport News, VA

Sexton Wedding - Lexington, KY

Kanupp Wedding

Baileyton, TN

Phillips Wedding

Marion, VA

Vermullen-Mabry Wedding

Cowpens, SC