Our 41st First Dance of 2015!!

Olivera/ Burnette Wedding

Rolling Hills Farms

Monroe, NC

Gorewitz / Gonzalez Wedding -

Statesville Civic Center -

Statesville, NC

Walton/Sewell Wedding- Salem Glen CC -

Clemmons, NC

Ferguson/Paris Wedding - 2014

Paris Farm

Hendersonville, NC

413 Laurel Tree Lane, Simpsonville, SC  29681

Payton Wedding - Lake Lure, NC

Koletar Wedding - Newport News, VA

Sexton Wedding - Lexington, KY

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Our Awards

Benson/Hill Wedding - 2013

Jeter Mountain Farms

Henderson Co, NC

WandaWerks Entertainment Mobile DJ & Karaoke Service

WandaWerks Entertainment is an award winning mobile DJ and Karaoke company serving North and South Carolina and the Southeast.  We provide optimum entertainment for all occasions specializing in:

  • Wedding Ceremonies & Receptions
  • Dances
  • Nightclub & Lounge Karaoke
  • Parties of all kinds
  • Proms
  • Corporate Events

Our Karaoke is a state of the art operation and includes a selection of over 110,000 songs to choose from!

We offer dance floor lighting for every event at no extra charge!


Upcoming Events

Phillips Wedding

Marion, VA

Honeycutt/Ambrose Wedding

Symmes Chapel

"Pretty Place"

Cleveland, SC

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015
We are very proud to have been awarded
"BEST OF 2015"
from Thumbtack.com!!

Sohm Wedding

Hopkins, SC



Rock Hill, SC

Cudd/Shepherd Wedding - 2010

Radisson Inn - Spartanburg, SC


2014 Events

Jan 3rd - H,ville American Legion

Jan 7th - The House - Karaoke

Jan 14th - The House - Karaoke

Jan 17th - H,ville American Legion

Jan 18th - H,ville American Legion

Jan 25th - Hendersonville Elks Lodge

Jan 31st - H,ville American Legion

Feb 7th - H,ville American Legion

Feb 14th - The Goddard School

Feb 21st - KB Bayou - Karaoke

Feb 22nd - KB Bayou - Karaoke

Feb 28th - Cypress Cellar - Karaoke

Mar 1st - Cypress Cellar - Karaoke

Mar 7th - H,ville American Legion

Mar 8th - Laughter Wedding

Mar 22nd-Hendersonville Elks Lodge

Apr 4th - H,ville American Legion

Apr 19th - Meldrum Wedding

Apr 24th - Peachbowl Karaoke

Apr 25th - Cypress Cellar Karaoke

Apr 26th - Hendersonville Elks Lodge

May 2nd - H,ville American Legion

May 3rd - Gosnell Party

May 10th - Hagans Wedding

May 17th - Jacobs Wedding

May 30th - H,ville American Legion

May 31st - Greer Country Club Party

Jun 6th - H,ville American Legion

Jun 7th - Corn Wedding

Jun 21st - Anders Reception

Jul 4th - H,ville American Legion

Jul 20th - Le Wedding

July 25th - H,ville American Legion

July 26th - Donnelly Wedding

Aug 1st - H,ville American Legion

Aug 9th - Friedmann Wedding

Aug 16th - Ingrams Wedding

Aug 22nd - H,ville American Legion

Aug 23rd - Chasteen Wedding

Aug 30th - Witt Wedding

Sept 5th - H,ville American Legion

Sept 6th - Paris Wedding

Sept 10th - Palmer Wedding

Sept 13th - Jones Wedding

Sept 20th - Gordon Wedding

Sept 26th - Bunc St Father/Daughter

Sept 27th - Alexander Wedding

Sept 28th - Watson Wedding

Oct 3rd - H,ville American Legion

Oct 4th - Lukas Wedding

Oct 11th - Renwick Wedding

Oct 12th - Derocco Wedding

Oct 18th - WHHS Reunion

Oct 19th - McCarthy Wedding

Oct 31st - H,ville American Legion

Nov 1st - Henson Wedding

Nov 7th - H,ville American Legion

Nov 8th - Spisak Wedding

Nov 15 -  Westmoreland Wedding

Nov 28th - H,ville American Legion

Dec 5th - H,ville American Legion

Dec 6th - And. Brass Holiday Party

Dec 12th - VA Holiday Party

Dec 19th - Rung Holiday Party

Dec 27th - Sewell Wedding

Dec 31st -NYE @ Parkway Grill & Bar


                2015 Events

Jan 2nd - H,ville American Legion

Jan 10th - Gonzales Wedding

Jan 16th - H,ville American Legion

Jan 24th - Campbell Wedding

Feb 6th - H,ville American Legion

Feb 7th - Diaz Reception

Feb 13th - Goddard Val. Day Dance

Feb 27th - H,ville American Legion

Feb 28th - H,ville American Legion

Mar 6th - H,ville American Legion

Mar 21st - Thompson Reception

Mar 27th - Parkway Grill Karaoke

Mar 28th - Nuss Wedding

Apr 3rd - H,ville American Legion

Apr 10th - Parkway Grill Karaoke

Apr 11th - Pinkerton Wedding

Apr 17th - Parkway Grill Karaoke

Apr 24th - Parkway Grill Karaoke

Apr 25th - Acton Wedding

May 1st - H,ville American Legion

May 2nd - Blanton Wedding

May 8th - Sweet 16 Party

May 9th - Jackman Wedding

May 16th - Brandenburg Wedding

May 22nd - H,ville American Legion

May 23rd - Hurst Wedding

May 30th - Crevan Wedding

Jun 5th - H,ville American Legion

Jun 6th - Renwick Wedding

Jun 7th - Duncan Wedding

Jun 13th - Jent Wedding

Jun 20th - Reed Wedding

Jun 27th - Champion Wedding

July 3rd - H,ville American Legion

July 4th - Kent Wedding

July 12th - Carpenter Wedding

July 18th - Garibay Wedding

July 23rd - Ryan Wedding

July 24th - H,ville American Legion

July 25th Abernathy Wedding

July 30th - Torres Wedding

July 31st - H,ville American Legion

Aug 1st - Gray Wedding

Aug 2nd - Musselwhite Wedding

Aug 8th - Soelh Wedding

Aug 15th - Bacon Birthday Party

Aug 21st - Presby College Karaoke

Aug 28th - H,ville American Legion

Aug 29th - Jacks Sweet 16

Sept 4th - Davis Wedding

Sept 5th - Goins Wedding

Sept 11th - Williams Birthday Party

Sept 19th - Fuller Wedding

Oct 2nd - Kolstad Wedding

Oct 3rd - McCoy Wedding

Oct 9th - Kern Wedding

Oct 10th - Chamberlain Wedding

Oct 11th - Lopez Weddng

Oct 17th - Simpson Wedding

Oct 18th - Hindley Wedding

Oct 24th - Black Wedding

Oct 29th - Wright Wedding

Oct 30th - Stefanick Wedding

Oct 31st - Ambrose Wedding

Nov 6th - H,ville American Legion

Nov 7th - Manfredi Wedding

Nov 8th - Olivera Wedding

Nov 27th - H,ville American Legion

Dec 4th - H,ville American Legion

Dec 5th - Anderson Brass Christmas

Dec 11th - VA Employee Christmas

Dec 12th - ProAxis Christmas 

                2016 Events

Jan 2nd - Smith Wedding

Jan 15th - American Legion Karaoke

Jan 22nd - American Legion Karaoke

Jan 24th - Howard Wedding

Feb 5th - American Legion Karaoke

Feb 12th - Goddard School Dance

Feb 19th - Abiding Peace Dance

Feb 21st - Sheridan Wedding

Feb 26th - American Legion Karaoke

Mar 13th - Hatzel Wedding

Mar 25th - American Legion Karaoke

Mar 26th - West Wedding

Apr 1st - American Legion Karaoke

Apr 2nd - Bolin Wedding

April 8th - Adair Wedding

Apr 9th - Doster Wedding

Apr 16th - Nash Wedding

Apr 22nd - American Legion Karaoke

Apr 23rd - Ames Wedding

Apr 30th - Coppola Wedding

May 6th - American Legion Karaoke

May 7th - Norman Wedding

May 14th  - Hawkins Wedding

May 21st - Sohm Wedding

May 27th - Hamilton Wedding

May 28th - Brinson Party

Jun 3rd - American Legion Karaoke

Jun 4th - Trotter Wedding

Jun 11th - Rushing Wedding

Jun 12th - Lechner Wedding

Jun 18th - Thompson Wedding

Jun 24th - American Legion Karaoke

Jun 25th - Dunagan Wedding

Jun 26th - Leaphart Wedding

Jul 1st - Vining Wedding

Jul 15th - Schnarr Wedding

Jul 22nd - American Legion Karaoke

July 23rd - Pillay Wedding

July 24th - McRae Wedding

Aug 5th - American Legion Karaoke

Aug 6th - Green Wedding

Aug 13th - Fetter Wedding

Aug 26th - Bennett Wedding

Aug 27th - Woodfin Wedding

Sept 2nd - American Legion Karaoke

Sept 3rd - Gillette Wedding

Sept 10th - Reeves Wedding

Sept 16th - Wright Wedding

Sept 17th - Ward Wedding

Sept 23rd - American Legion Karaoke

Sept 24th - Robinson Wedding

Oct 1st  - Ingle Wedding

Oct 7th - American Legion Karaoke

Oct 8th - Fitzpatrick Wedding

Oct 15th - Seigal Wedding

Oct 22nd - Brennan Wedding

Oct 28th - American Legion Karaoke

Oct 29th - Wright Wedding

Nov 4th - American Legion Karaoke

Nov 25th - American Legion Karaoke

Dec 2nd - American Legion Karaoke

Dec 4th - Fair Wedding

Dec 17th - Leonard Wedding

Dec 23rd - American Legion Karaoke

Kuznetsov / Pinkerton

Wedding Reception

Athens, Georgia

      2016 Weddings

Kanupp Wedding

Greeneville, TN

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

Adair Wedding

Lynchburg, SC

Musselwhite/Coker Wedding

Lake Lure Gazebo

Lake Lure, NC

Inosencio Wedding

Pretty Place, Cleveland, SC

Jamison Wedding

Florence, SC